Share Certificates and IRAs

When it comes to achieving your short- or long-term savings goals, virtually nothing beats a MAFCU Share Certificate. Offering safety, security, a guaranteed high yield, flexible terms-and different types of certificates to meet your savings style-at MAFCU, you'll find:

  • Some of the best rates around. We scout the Montgomery County market to make sure our rates are higher than competitors (including other credit unions).
  • "Accumulator" certificates that enable you to start small with as little as $250 and make regular, additional deposits over its 18-month term.
  • "Regular" certificates with a choice of terms - from 3 months to five years-that you can open with as little as $1,000.
  • Peace of mind. At MAFCU, your funds are insured up to $250,000 through the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), a government agency.

APY = Annual Percentage Yield*

Open the MAFCU Certificate that's right for you. 

Name Term Minimum Balance to earn APY Rate APY
3 Month Regular Certificates 3 Months $1,000.00 0.150% 0.150%
6 Month Regular & IRA Certificates 6 Months  $1,000.00  0.250% 0.250%
1 Year Regular & IRA Certificates 1 Years  $1,000.00  0.300% 0.300%
2 Year Regular & IRA Certificates 2 Years  $1,000.00  0.350%   0.350%
3 Year Regular & IRA Certificates 3 Years  $1,000.00  0.500% 0.501%
4 Year Regular & IRA Certificates 4 Years  $1,000.00  0.650% 0.652%
5 Year Regular & IRA Certificates 5 Years  $1,000.00  0.800% 0.802%
Regular & IRA Accumulator Cert. 18 Months  $250.00  0.325% 0.325%
  • IRAs

    A comfortable retirement is one dream we all share. But these days, it isn't always easy. Experts recommend that you diversify your individual retirement account (IRA) investments. Let a MAFCU IRA Certificate be the "safe place" in your IRA portfolio. We offer the:

    • Traditional IRA. Save for retirement with pretax dollars.
    • Roth IRA. Save for retirement with after-tax dollars.
    • Coverdell Education Savings Account. Save for post-secondary educational expenses with after-tax dollars. Earnings are tax free as long as it is used for qualifying reasons.

    With MAFCU, you'll enjoy convenient access to your IRA account information via free online banking and telephone banking, so it's simple to keep track of your retirement dollars.

    And because a MAFCU IRA Certificate is an insured investment, it's a safe investment. Each account is insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), a federal agency, to $250,000.

    Open the MAFCU IRA that's right for you.

    Name Rate APY
    Traditional IRA Daily Money Market 0.050% 0.050%  
    Roth IRA Daily Money Market 0.050% 0.050%
    Coverdell Education Savings Account 0.050% 0.050%


    Retirement Central gives you practical ideas you can apply today to help you achieve financial security in retirement.

    Retirement Central

  • Investments

    There is no better time to plan for your future than right now.  We have teamed up with Shober & Zelcer to provide you access to full-service investment advice.  So whether you are a seasoned investor or just getting started we can help you.


    Stephen Zelcer brings a decade of financial planning experience to MAFCU, as well as a unique expertise in Federal Benefits.

    Stephen is also an accomplished lecturer, having personally delivered over 250 pre-retirement seminars, teaching thousands about all aspects of financial literacy and retirement.  And, because of Stephen's specialty with Federal Benefits, he has been invited by dozens of agencies to teach and explain the interrelationship between Federal Benefits and personal financial planning. 

    Shober & Zelcer Financial Planners brings the following to MAFCU and its members:

    • Financial Planning Services
    • Financial Planning Products
    • Financial Planning Education

    Our Financial Planning services cover:

    • Retirement Planning
    • College Savings
    • Debt Reduction
    • Investment Management
    • Insurance Strategy
    • Business Financial Planning

    Our Financial Planning Products cover:

    • Investment Accounts
    • Retirement Accounts
    • College 529 Plans
    • Annuities
    • Mutual Funds (and other publicly traded funds)
    • Life Insurance 
    • Long Term Care Insurance
    • Disability Insurance
    • Employer/Employee Benefits:
      • 401(k) Accounts
      • Group Health Insurance

    Our Financial Planning Education offers:

    • Live Seminars
    • Live Webinars
    • Facebook Live Feeds

    Contact Stephen Zelcer