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Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union's Online Privacy Policy

Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union's mission is that we are committed to exceeding the financial needs of our community membership. We have always strived to deliver our services to all members regardless of location, which translates into use of the newest technologies for service delivery. One of the newest delivery channels is the Internet. A logical concern for people arising from the rapidly changing world of technology and specifically the Internet, is your right to conduct business with us in confidence, and your right to maintain privacy over your financial matters.

We want to assure our members that we share your concern. MAFCU is committed not only to providing you with the most efficient services, but also to ensure that all business you conduct with us is held in the strictest confidence and that your transactions are safe and secure.

To this end, MAFCU has adopted a Confidentiality of Member Information Policy. This policy is part of our Code of Ethics which is distributed to and signed yearly by all staff members. The policy states that any information disclosed to MAFCU in the course of normal business will be held in the strictest confidence. Unauthorized or illegal disclosure of your private information is considered a policy violation and subjects the guilty party to discipline. Employees are reminded that their responsibility to maintain this privacy continues even after their employment ends.

MAFCU will not sell your name and address to any mailing lists or to any merchants. We are in the business of serving our members and not marketing those lists to anyone.

In addition to our policy, we take a proactive approach to making the business you transact with us as safe and secure as possible, in both the delivery and storage of data.

Our Online Banking services are powered by Digital Insight and they have taken steps to ensure that our members can do business privately and securely over the Internet.

Our site includes links to external sites that Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union is not necessarily affiliated with and these sites are not under our control. The contents of our Kids Section are designed for family use. In addition to our own content we provide links to other web sites designed for kids. We do screen these sites initially, if you come across anything inappropriate due to a link, please let us know and we will remove that link. We encourage all kids to get a parent or legal guardian's permission before giving out any information about themselves to anyone by e-mail or over the Internet.

We invite you to contact us with any concerns, comments or questions you may have.