Consumer Fee Schedule
Effective January 1, 2021

Plastic Card Fees

Fee Description Fee Amt
ATM Card $5.00
New Check Card Free
Replacement $10.00
Plastic Card Rush $30.00
International Transaction Fee 1% of trans amt
Foreign ATM Transaction $1.00

Account Fees

Fee Description Fee Amt
Privilege Pay $31.00
NSF / Overdrawn Account $31.00
NSF Check Re-post $15.00
Return Deposit Item $15.00
Stop Payment Online $20.00
Stop Payment In Branch $25.00
Simple Checking monthly maintenance  $10.00
Premier Checking fall below minimum balance $15.00
E-Checking per branch transaction $2.00
Paper Statement $5.00
Foreign Check Collection $20.00
Temporary Check (4) $1.00
Checking Re-open $10.00

Credit Card / Loan Fees

Fee Description Fee Amt
Visa Draft Copy $10.00
Credit Card Balance Transfer  None
Credit Card Cash Advance  None
Credit Card Foreign Transaction  1% of each transaction
Credit Card Late Payment Up to $30
Credit Card Over-the-Limit  None
Credit Card Returned Payment Up to $30
Loan Late Payment 5% of pymt. amount or $25, whichever is greater
Loan Returned Payment $25.00
Loan Modification Processing Charge $250.00
Mortgage Payoff Request $25.00

Wire Transfer

Fee Description Fee Amt
Outgoing $20.00
Outgoing (online) $15.00
Rush - plus wire standard fee $10.00
Foreign / International Wire $45.00
Foreign /International Wire (online) $40.00

ACH Transfer

Fee Description Fee Amt
MAFCU ACH Origination $5.00
ACH Origination Return $15.00

Bill Payment

Fee Description Fee Amt
Next business day check delivery $34.95
Second business day check delivery $29.95
Second business day electronic delivery $6.95
Standard bill payment Free
Gift check payment $2.99
Charitable donation payment $1.99
Pay People $5.00
Outgoing External Transfer to self $5.00

Phone/Online Payments

Fee Description Fee Amt
By Check $5.00
By Credit Card $5.00

Other Fees

Fee Description Fee Amt
Account Research/Reconciliation per hour or fraction $25.00
Garnishment / IRS Levy $75.00
Deposit account Collection $20.00
Notary (Member) per seal Free
Inactive account (monthly) $5.00
Escheatment (annual) $50.00
Check Copy $5.00
Check Copy (through internet) $3.00
Photo Copy / Fax $5.00
Official Check $5.00
Official Check Stop Pay $25.00
Printed Statements (Duplicate/Returned/Interim/Mailed) $5.00
Verification of Deposit $10.00
Medallion Signature Guarantee Free
Bad Address Fee (monthly) $5.00
On-us Check Cashing (non-member only) $10.99