Youth Accounts

At MAFCU, we believe that good financial habits begin young, so we offer a range of Youth Accounts for all ages. This range is designed to meet the changing financial needs, and evolving maturity, of a child as they become a young adult.

Open the Youth Account that's right for your child or grandchild.

Cash Critters Club for Kids     1.000% 1 0.050% APY
Student Plus     1.000% 2 0.050% APY

1. 1% dividend rate applies to dollars $0 to $500. Regular dividend rate applies to dollars $501+. 

2. 1% dividend rate applies to dollars $0 to $500. Regular dividend rate applies to dollars $501+.

* APY = Annual Percentage Yield


  • Cash Critter Club

    MAFCU's Cash Critter Club is a great way for children up to age 13 to get started and makes learning about saving and money fun. Not only is learning about banking and budgeting important, with the Cash Critter Club, it's also cool! It offers:

    • 1% dividend rate on first $500 in account*
    • Special gifts on deposits over $50.
    • Convenient 24-hour account access for parents through free online banking

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    * 1% dividend rate applies to dollars $0 to $500. Regular dividend rate applies to dollars $501+.


    ** To open a cash critter account you will need to provide the child's original social security card or birth certificate to verify identity.  A social security number is required to open the account.

  • Student Plus Program

    The Student Plus Program is designed to help actively enrolled students age 14-20, save money, establish credit history, and learn about financial services. Students can open this account with an opening deposit of just $30. A Parent or Legal Guardian is required as a joint owner if Student is under 18.

    • 1% dividend rate on first $500 in Student Plus Savings Account1
    • 1% dividend rate on first $500 in Student Plus Checking Account1
    • No minimum balance requirement or monthly maintenance fees2
    • 0.250% Auto Loan Discount with Automatic Loan Payments3
    • Eligible to apply for a MAFCU Visa® Platinum Credit Card with Scorecard Rewards & a limit up to $5003
    • Free MAFCU Visa® Contactless EMV Debit Card with Scorecard Rewards4  
    • Scorecard Rewards Debit Card - 1 point per $5 spent on purchases
    • Scorecard Rewards Credit Card - 1 point per $1 spent on purchases
    • MAFCU Card App with card controls and real-time notifications
    • Access to Over 75,000 Free ATMs Nationwide
    • Free MAFCU Mobile App
    • Mobile Deposit
    • Pay a Friend
    • Bill Payment
    • Biller Direct
    • CardSwap
    • Instant Transfers
    • Alert Notifications
    • External Accounts Aggregation Tool
    • Visual Financial Tools: Debts, Trends, Spending, Budget and Networth
    • Credit Monitoring
    • Online Statements
    • Apple Watch Integration
    • Free first order of 40 basic checks
    • $5 "Congrats Deposit" for each scholastic or athletic award earned in the current quarter

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    1. 1% dividend rate applies to dollars $0 to $500. Regular dividend rate applies to dollars $501+.

    2. Minors must have a parent/guardian as a joint owner.  Students must show proof of enrollment.

    3. Loans to Student Plus members require signature of a parent or legal guardian as co-applicant. Student Plus member must be employed and have at least a 3.0 GPA to qualify for discount. Student Plus member and parent must bring proof of income.

    4. The minimum age to receive a debit card is 16 years old (on an exception basis).

    To open a student plus account a social security number is required. We will ask to see your driver license, government issued ID or other identifying documents.

The Regular Share Savings or Student Plus Savings accounts are required to join Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union and open the door to our suite of products. A $5.00 minimum balance is required to open these accounts.