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Student Loans

The dream of a college education can be yours with a low-rate private student loan from Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union. Available through the Credit Union Student Choice program, this loan helps a student fill the gaps left by federal student aid-even if they receive no federal aid at all.

These loans, which are in the name of the student but often require a co-signer, are not guaranteed or subsidized by the government. Instead, they are based on the student's credit and/or the credit of any co-signers they have on the loan.

Our private student loan solution:

  • Offers zero origination fees and lower rates than many other lenders.
  • Allows for fully deferred payment while in school (optional).
  • Gives the student a full Line-of-Credit (LOC) which can be used over multiple years. With one application we will qualify you for a LOC for the remainder of your undergraduate career (up to $75,000).* You will determine how much of the eligible LOC amount we should send to your school during disbursement periods.
  • Offers flexible repayment options resulting in lower initial payments after graduation.
  • Gives you the chance to reduce your interest rate by 0.25% during full repayment when you enroll in automatic payment.
  • All applicants must be a primary member on a Credit Union account.