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Kudos Korner

We love when our member-owners share their thoughts and opinions with us and we thought it would be nice to pass them along to you.

We love to hear how we are helping improve our members’ lives and strengthening their financial condition through their relationship with us.

Below is what a few of our members think of MAFCU. Feel free to scroll to the bottom of the page to tell us about your experiences with MAFCU.

Employee Spotlight - Above and Beyond


Maria helped me with a loan consolidation Friday, August 18th, bridging the gap between Tina and me to complete the loan application process. She went over and beyond to ensure I was providing the correct documentation to avoid delays. Proof read and overlooked documentation, explained the process, ran back and forth to the printer, transcribed my financial institution information and was really patient with me. I did not have to tell her  the importance of the loan, cause she already knew how important it was for me to complete the application on that day; while handling me with care and expediting as much as she could (although there was a bottle neck present that was out of her hands). As a result of the bottle neck, I had to leave and return to the branch. However, she called me in a timely manner to ensure I could make it back into the branch before the day closed out to complete the process all while handling other customers in between!

Maria wore a lot of hats that day and is the complete package. She exhibits excellent service and is a role model for what "GREAT" customer service should look like! She took time to build a relationship with me and did not make me feel like a number.

The experience of a credit union should NOT feel like B of A or some other regular bank. Maria thank you for your excellent communication, hard work, caring, workmanship, and demonstrating the credit union feel and level of care! You may not remember this, but a while ago when my husband and I were thinking of closing out our accounts you calmly listened to our complaints and encouraged us to keep our accounts. You alone are the reason we still bank with MAFCU. I have seen the level of care you give me given to others. You respect people’s time, circumstances and are very wise!!! Thanks for all that you do for MAFCU! Thanks for being a "PERFECT" role model and always being calm and patient with your customers!


The Gaithersburg branch had a member find a wallet in the parking lot and turned it into Angelica.  Angelica was very diligent in searching for the owner of the wallet.  Unfortunately, the wallet did not belong to a Mid-Atlantic member, but it contained all of the person’s information – driver’s license, social security card, passport, work ID, cash, and credit/debit card.

Angelica could not locate this person, so she took it upon herself to search for the individual through social networking sites.

Viola, she found her! Angelica messaged the individual that her wallet had been turned in at the Gaithersburg branch and gave her the address so she could pick it up. The individual was so grateful that when she came in she greeted Angelica with a huge hug and a card thanking her for her help.

Thank you Angelica for going "Above and Beyond" showing exceptional service, whether they are a member or non-member.

Andrea and Chris

I am writing to thank you for  assisting me last week with notarizing my will and certifying my US Savings Bond request. I am a long time Mid-Atlantic CU member and I appreciate the fast, complete, and courteous service I always receive from  people like Andrea and yourself at the branch. You and your staff help make banking easier.


I wold like to commend Jill at Mid-Atantic’s White Oak branch on New Hampshire Avenue in Silver Spring. We went into the branch to have our signatures notarized on some documents for an important property transaction. Jill was friendly, very conscientious and careful, and took the time to make sure there were no mistakes. My wife and I really appreciated her superb service. Thanks to Jill and to Mid-Atlantic!.

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