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Deposits Fee Schedule

Effective as of July 6, 2016. All fees are subject to change without notice.

Plastic Card Fees

New Visa Check Card Free
ATM Card Issuing Fee 5.00
Lost Card Replacement Fee 10.00
Damaged Card Replacement Fee 2.00
Visa Check/Credit Card Rush Fee 15.00
Visa Check Card PIN Rush Fee 15.00
ATM Card and/or PIN Rush Fee 60.00
Foreign ATM Transaction Fee* 1.00

Checking Account Fees

Privilege Pay Fee 31.00
Non-Sufficient Funds/Overdrawn Account Fee 31.00
Non-Sufficient Funds Check Re-Post Fee 15.00
Returned Item Fee 15.00
Stop Payment Fee

20.00 Online
25.00 In the Branch

Premier Checking Monthly Maintenance Fee**


E-Checking Branch Transaction Fee

2.00 per transaction

E-Checking Paper Statement Fee

5.00 monthly

Foreign Check Collection Fee 15.00
Temporary/Starter Checks 1.00/ea
Checking Reopen Fee (if closed by CU) 10.00

Money Market Plus Fees

Money Market Plus Excess Check Fee (after 3) 5.00/ea
Money Market Plus Excess Withdrawal Fee 7.50

Credit Card/ Loan Fees

Visa Draft Copy Fee (without charge back) 10.00
Late Payment Fee (Loans/Visa) up to 30.00
Repeat Loan Application Fee
(3rd application within 90 days)
Loan Modification Processing Charge 250.00

Wire Transfers/ ACH/ E-Funds Transfer Fees

MAFCU ACH Origination Transfer Fee 2.00
Wire Transfer Fees:
Outgoing (through Internet)

Wire Transfer Fee-Foreign (through Internet) 40.00
Western Union Wire Fee 20.00
E-Funds Transfer Fees:
Incoming (Standard)
Outgoing (Standard)
Incoming (Rush)
Outgoing (Rush)
Pay People (Standard)
Pay People (Rush)


Online Payments***

By Check 5.00/transaction
By Check Card/Credit Card 20.00/transaction

Payments by Phone***

By Check 5.00/transaction
By Check Card/Credit Card 20.00/transaction
Other Fees
Account Research/Reconciliation Fee 15.00/hr
Garnishment Fee/IRS Notice of Levy Fee 75.00
First Order of Loan Coupons 50.00
Deposit Account Collection Fee 20.00/account
Notary Fee for members FREE
Notary Fee for non-member 1.00/stamp
Inactive Account Fee
(after 12 months of inactivity - can be waived
by maintaining a $250 share balance or more thanone account relationship)


Escheat Processing Fee
(after 3 years of inactivity)
Check copy Fee 5.00
Check copy Fee through Internet 3.00
Photocopy/Fax Fee 5.00
Official Check Purchase Fee 5.00
Certified Check Fee 10.00
Gift Card Purchase Fee

4.00 Members
5.00 Non-Members

Duplicate/Interim/Returned Statement Fee 5.00

* Free ATM transactions available with most checking accounts. Varies by account type, please review your account agreement.
** Fee waived if average daily balance is $5,000 or more. 
***To avoid this convenience fee you can visit one of our branch locations or mail payment (s) via US Mail. Credit Card transactions have a $1000.00 max limit per transaction.


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