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Business Fee Schedule

Effective as of October 8, 2015. All fees are subject to change without notice.

Commercial Checking Account Fees

Monthly Maintenance 25.00
Checks Paid (over 300 checks/month) .30/item
Items Deposited (over 100/month) .15/item

Other Fees (Commercial and Member Business Accounts)

Change Order 2.00/order
Currency Order – Coin Roll Issued .05
Non-Sufficient Funds Fee-Check 31.00/check
Check Stop Payment Fee-MATT & Internet    20.00
Check Stop Payment Fee-Teller           25.00/check
Check Stop Payment Fee-Range            25.00/series
Check Reopen Fee     10.00/account

Night Depository Fees

Night Depository Bag Rental Fee            12.00/year
Night Depository Bag Replacement Fee        30.00/bag
Night Depository Key Deposit Fee            5.00/key
Night Depository Key Replacement Fee    5.00/key

ATM/Plastic Card Fees (Visa, Visa Check Card & ATM)

# Of Free MAFCU-Owned ATM Transactions Unlimited
# Of Free Foreign ATM Transactions            2/month
Foreign ATM Transaction Fee                 1.00
Overdrawn Account Fee/ Return Check Fee        31.00
Card Replacement Fee                        10.00
Visa Card/Visa Check Card Rush Fee            15.00
Over Limit Fee                            30.00
Late Fee                           5% of balance
$25 minimum
Cash Advance Fee    3% of advance
$10 minimum and
$100 maximum
ATM Card and/or PIN Rush Fee                60.00
ATM Card                                 5.00
Visa Check Card                            Free

Miscellaneous Fees

Photocopy Fee                              5.00
Stop Payment Fee
(ACH, Official Check, or Money Order Fee)
Non-Sufficient Funds Fee-ACH                31.00
Returned Deposit Fee                        15.00
Foreign Check Collection Fee                15.00
Official Check Purchase Fee                      5.00
Money Order Purchase Fee                     2.00
Traveler's Cheque Purchase Fee         1% of face value
Certified Check Fee                        10.00
Duplicate or Interim Statement Fee            5.00
Returned Statement Fee                         5.00
Wire Transfer Fee-Incoming                       7.50
Wire Transfer Fee-Outgoing                    20.00
Wire Transfer Fee-Outgoing (through Internet)    15.00
Wire Transfer Fee-Rush                        25.00
Wire Transfer Fee-Foreign                    45.00
Wire Transfer Fee-Foreign (through Internet)    40.00
Account Research/Reconciliation Fee            15.00/hr
Escheat Processing Fee
(After 3 years of inactivity)
Garnishment Fee/IRS Notice of Levy Fee        75.00
Notary Fee                                1.00/seal

ACH Origination Fees

Set Up Fee                                35.00
Returned Item Fee  15.00

Remote Deposit Capture Fees

Basic service 35.00/ month*
Premium service 55.00/ month**
Scanner Lease
(based on type of scanner)
10.00 to 60.00/month

*waived for business members who maintain an average monthly deposit balance of $25,000 or greater.

**waived for business members who maintain an average combined loan and deposit balance of $100,000 or greater.

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