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Auto Loans

Auto Loans - Capital Crescent Trail, Bethesda, MDCome to Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union (MAFCU) and drive away with one of the best auto loans deals around. If you're a qualified buyer and you can drive it - a new and used car, motorcycle, boat or RV - you can finance or refinance it here at some of the lowest rates in Montgomery County, Maryland. And at MAFCU, you'll save even more with access to other money-saving car buying services.

It's easy to find the MAFCU auto loan that's right for you.

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If you are already a MAFCU member but have an auto loan at another financial institution, utilize our Auto Loan Comparison Tool to see how much you could save by moving your loan to MAFCU. You may keep your current term or request an extended term.

New and Used Car Loans

With a MAFCU low-rate auto loan, you can put yourself behind the wheel of your next car-or refinance the one you already own-faster and far more affordably than you ever thought possible. We offer:

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RVs, Motor Homes and Boats

Looking for a vehicle that doesn't have four wheels? Finance it at MAFCU and save. We offer qualified borrowers RV, motor home and boat loans* with:

*Credit Union must be shown as Lien-holder on evidence of ownership and on hazard insurance policy.

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For the best financing deal on two (or three) wheels, motorcycle owners trust MAFCU. We offer low fixed rate motorcycle loans* with:

*Credit Union must be shown as lienholder and loss payee on full coverage insurance declaration policy, with a maximum deductible amount of $500. Pre-approvals are good for up to 30 days. Maximum term for amounts less than $10,000 is 48 months. For amounts greater than $10,000, maximum term is 60 months.

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Money-Saving Car Buying Services

At MAFCU, we're always looking for innovative ways and rewarding partnerships that can help save you money. That's why we've teamed up with:



Name Term APR1
12-36 Month New Auto Loan 36 Months  2.490%
37-48 Month New Auto Loan 48 Months  2.740%
49 - 66 Month New Auto Loan 66 Months  2.990%
67-84 Month New Auto Loan 84 Months  3.490%
12-36 Month Used Auto Loan 36 Months  2.990%
37-48 Month Used Auto Loan 48 Months  3.240%
49-72 Month Used Auto Loan 72 Months  3.490%
120 Month New Boat or RV Loan 120 Months  5.500% 
84 Month Used Boat or RV Loan 84 Months  6.250% 
60 Month New Motorcycle Loan 60 Months  5.490% 
60 Month Used Motorcycle Loan 60 Months  6.250% 

1Annual Percentage Rate. Loan rates shown are the lowest rate for the product advertised.

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