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Cash Critters Club for Kids


MAFCU's Cash Critter Club is a great way for children up to age 13 to get started and makes learning about saving and money fun. Not only is learning about banking and budgeting important, with the Cash Critter Club, it's also cool! It offers:

Open a Cash Critters Club account today.** It's easy to get started!

Simply fill out an online application or contact our Member Service Center at 301-944-1800.

* 1% interest applies to dollars $0-$500, regular interest rate applies to dollars $501+.

** To open a cash critter account you will need to provide the child's original social security card or birth certificate to verify his/her identity.

Deposit to Open Minimum Balance
to earn APY
Rate APY
$5.00  $5.00  0.025% 1 0.025% 

11% interest applies to dollars $0 to $500. Regular interest rate applies to amounts over $500.

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