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Checking Accounts - Downtown Rockville, MDLooking for the best checking deal in Montgomery County, Maryland? Look at Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union (MAFCU). Anyone who's part of this community can bank at MAFCU, where you'll find a great choice of checking accounts with fewer fees and greater convenience. Every MAFCU checking account gives you:

Looking for a checking account that gives you even more? Opt for the MAFCU Maximizer, the relationship account that recognizes all the ways you bank with us-and rewards you with better rates, even fewer fees and other added benefits.

Open the MAFCU checking account that's right for you.

Five Steps to Financial Freedom from Mid-Atlantic FCU on Vimeo.


* Must be over the age of 18 to be eligible.

Name Rate APY
Free Checking n/a  n/a 
WOW Checking 0.100% 1 0.100% 
Student Plus 2.000% 2 n/a 

1To qualify for WOW Checking, you must be a MAFCU Maximizer member.

22% interest applies to dollars $0 to $500. Regular interest rate applies to amounts over $500.

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