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Business Tools

drillimg-216.jpgManaging a business in the competitive Montgomery County market can be tough. Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union (MAFCU) can help make it easier. We offer a
variety of tools to help you manage your business banking so you can focus on growing your business.

Find out how to put MAFCU's tools to work for your business. Email us or call
301-944-1800 today.

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Merchant Services

To help our retail business customers gain that competitive edge-while reducing costs and improving cash flow-MAFCU offers Merchant Services. Through this program, you'll benefit from:

Request a Free analysis of your current Merchant Services program and see how MAFCU can save you money. Email us or call 301-944-1800 today.

Remote Deposit Capture

Conveniently deposit your checks from your business without even entering a branch with MAFCU Remote Deposit Capture:

Find out more about Remote Deposit Capture-and spend less time running to the branch. Email us or call 301-944-1800 today.

Employee Banking Program

Add MAFCU membership to your employee benefits package-at no cost to your business. Become an Affiliate Member and:

Partner with MAFCU and help your employees achieve their financial goals! To find out how you can join our growing base of Business Affiliates, email us now.

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Free ACH (Automated Clearing House)

Paying employees or collecting payments electronically on a regular basis has never been easier with ACH Electronic Funds Transfer.  The risk of fraud and errors lessens, funds move faster and your business can maintain optimal cash control with ACH. Contact the Business Development team to get started now! Email us.

Payroll Services

Spend more time growing your business and spend less time managing it.  Whether you're looking for a full-service payroll and payroll tax solution, or just want to pay your employees by direct deposit, MAFCU's payroll provider will offer solutions to make your payroll experience as convenient as possible. Click here for more information or contact the Business Development team to get started now! Email us.

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